League Questions & Answers.

Feel free to send an email to us if you still have questions.

Do I have to play every event?

You're free to play every event, or just on occasion.

Are you open to beginners?

Absolutely. As long as you have an interest in learning about the game, you're more than welcome.

What if I'm not competitive-minded?

This isn't the PGA Tour so keep in mind that fun comes first.

Which courses do you play?

We like to keep the variety up, but we frequently play at Metcalfe, Canadian, Cedarhill and eQuinelle.

Do players keep score?

While we are a friendly group of golfers, we do play for points and year-end prizes — using a variety of golf formats like match-play, better ball, scramble and stableford. Also, golfers play from the tee boxes that fit their game and this does wonders for keeping a level playing field.

What is better ball format?

In this team format, each player hits their own ball throughout the round; however, at the end of each hole, the lowest score or “best score” is used as the team score. As an example, if Player A makes a net five (after handicap is applied) and their partner, Player B, makes a net six, the team scores a five on that hole.

What is individual match-play?

Whereas stroke-play scoring is based on the total number of shots for the entire round, in match-play, a golfer wins, ties or loses each hole until you run out of holes and a winner is declared — unless of course the match ends up in a tie. For example, if you par the first hole and your opponent bogies it, you are “one-up” in the match. If you beat them again on hole #2, you’d be “two-up”. If you're “three-up” but there are only two holes left to play, you win the match!

What is scramble format?

In this team format, all team members hit and choose which shot is the best, and everyone plays their next shot from that spot — and this applies to all shots from the tee to the final putt. Scramble format can be played with teams of two, three or four golfers.

What is stableford format?

Each player or team plays against the par of each hole and receives points according to how he or she scores in relation to par, with handicapping factored in. Two or more over par = zero points; one-over par = one point; par = two points; a birdie = three points; an eagle = four points; and three-under par on a hole = five points. At the end of the round, players' points are added together for a total points score.

Do I have to be a ClubEG member?

Nope. Although ClubEG members get reduced rates for league events, this league is open to everyone.

Ian Stirling Member Perk

As the points and prize sponsor for all of our golf leagues, the Ian Stirling Home Team offers a complimentary ClubEG Daily Membership for anyone who buys or sells through this fine organization.