If you love golf, this league is for you.

For men and ladies 50-years and up, the ClubEG Champions League offers golfers a chance to get out out in the fresh air, meet new people — and, of course, swing the clubs.

The league is run by Brian Kebic and John Gough, and although there are events every Tuesday morning — all year long — you don't have to commit to play every week. Just pay as you play!

It's a friendly and slightly competitive league, and we welcome golfers of all skill levels. You'll find that league members are more than happy to help you improve your own game. The League uses a modified handicap system, appropriate tee boxes to match each player’s skill level along with a variety of formats from week to week.

During the winter, from the end of November to the end of March, we play every Tuesday on the simulators at GOLFOMAX.

Join the league!